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Paul has finished 9 amazing tattoos for me since 2009. I just completed "stage one" of tattoo #9 today. Unlike the lame TV tattoo shows where they slam in a tat in 6 hours simply to "pick a winner" at the expense of serving the client's long term needs, Paul does the right thing. With over three decades of experience, Paul understands that complex tattoos like fine portraits must heal for a while before he puts the finishing hues, lines and tones in to make them look perfect. Paul is an accomplished fine artist as well as an internationally respected tattoo artist. He does NOT indulge in low end "pick and stick" trash tats that keep many mediocre shops near him afloat. If you want "pick and stick" on the cheap, Paul is not for you and you may as well send your entry form into "Tattoo Nightmares" right now because that's where you will eventually wind up. By the way, Paul is a great cover up artist as well so if some schmuck gave you a tattoo of your mother that looks like a deer's ass, call Paul and he'll make it look exactly like your mom. So the choice is yours - full custom work by a true international tattoo expert OR being the canvas for some lame ass local TV show wannabe who gets voted as the "worst tattoo" by the canvas jury - all your buddies. It's your choice - go to Paul for a tattoo that will be with you for life that won't need a "redo". I've never had a biomechanical tattoo done but after checking out Paul's portfolio while I waited for him to setup today, that might be next on my list - the photos of his biomechanical artwork are world class.

Paul has done all of my work. He free hands and is extremely talented! You don't ever have to worry about seeing someone else with your tattoo.

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