New Painting Nietzsche being forgiven by the Christians

New Painting Nietzsche being forgiven by the Christians


“Nietzsche being forgiven by the Christians” Explanation…..

“Nietzsche being forgiven by the Christians”
1)Center figure Nietzsche sitting on a throne. After Velazquez’s portrait of
Pope innocent the 10th and Francis Bacon’s screaming Pope version of the same.

2) On both sides stand the Christians crucifying Nietzsche for him writing “God is Dead” in his book
“The Gay Science” (The horse head will be explained later). Though it should be noted in the book “the Gay Science” Nietzsche doesn’t say God is dead. Nietzsche writes about a character who says “Where has God gone?” [the madman asked] “Where is God? God is Dead. Go remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we, murders of all murders,console ourselves?”

3) Clown hold’s the book “Fathers and sons” By Ivan Turgenev. Though not the first to mention Nihilism (the belief that traditional morals, ideas, beliefs, etc., have no worth or value and therefore existence is meaningless).
It is noted as one of the first important works on the subject. The clown represents the “Madman” from the book
“The gay science” who screamed the phrase mentioned above . Nietzsche was considered by many to be a Nihilist
and/or an Existentialist. Though Nietzsche never concurred this. Many disagree with Nietzsche being associated with with either of those titles.

4) Girl (doll) on a play horse with baton. It has been documented that Nietzsche suffered a breakdown while seeing a horse beaten in Italy. He never fully recovered. The Christian with horse head and Nietzsche screaming refer to this breakdown. The other Christian, the Christian with paper bag is hiding his/her face because he/she is unable to forgive Nietzsche even though it is expected by their religious beliefs. This figure also hammers with a sculptures wooden mallet. Shaping the scene that has befallen everyone, and every thing.